Why is item renewal important anyway?

To understand why item renewal is important, we need first understand the bigger picture of how Etsy works.

Etsy is a huge platform for posting hand-made and other items for sale. As the site has expanded with time, Etsy has created more and more different categories and sub-categories to bring order into the items selection. When you, the seller, add a new item to your shop, Etsy categorizes the item into its most appropriate sub-category. This helps potential buyers zoom in to the relevant products they search.

However, as there is a big supply for almost every type of product, the sub-categories become saturated with a wide selection of items that buyers need to sip through. In order for your items to appear higher in the relevant lists, they need to meet few criteria as indicated by the Etsy search algorithm. As with every thing in life, in order to perform well, you need to take a good inventory of all the details that can help you in promoting your items. It is up to the seller to control the most important factors in search results. Details like descriptive titles, tags, good interaction with buyers, and quality listings are all factors that you need to pay attention to. Another factor is item recency, or in other words, how recently was the item listed or relisted.

Etsy wants to show potential buyers items that are more recent and the ability to relist an item is your as well. However, the act of renewing an item is a manual one and can require a lot of attention and precious time. You as a seller want to focus on building your business and creating products – not on spending time on item renewal. This, among other shop management aspects, is where BestAutoRenew can help. Setting rules to automatically renew your items is a very simple task that you can schedule in advance. It relieves you from worrying whether you remembered to renew an item or not. The system does it for you and you have the flexibility to determine the renewal dates, the frequency and the items that participate in the renewal rule.

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