Why create a sale event for your Etsy shop?

We live in a virtual world – that is no news to anybody. When products were, and still are, sold in brick-and-mortar stores, sellers look for ways to attract customers into their shops. One of the methods used offline is the reduction of prices during a sale event. Posters and signs of all sizes and colors announce sale events and the percentage of discount.

The online world is no different. To attract buyers, sellers need to find the right time to set up sale events. This could be during long weekends, holidays or special dates in the year (valentine, election day, etc).

With BestAutoRenew you can set up a sale event, decide what items participate in the sale, what would be the amount or percentage of discount and when the sale will start and stop. The setup of a sale event is extremely simple and it gives you, the seller, the ability to add sale banners to your items main images.

Depending on the items you sell, their pricing point and the level of discount, sellers can increase their sales volume by 16%-31% during a sale period. Take advantage of our shop-on-sale tool and give it a try.

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