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The exposure of your items on Etsy is dependent on few parameters that dictate how high your items appear in search results – item renewal is one of them. Etsy has published an article about their search algorithm where they mention that item recency is taken into consideration when displaying your items. You can read more about their algorithm here.

So, every time you relist (renew) your existing items, their recency is updated in the Etsy system – giving you more chances to appear higher in their search results. One of the main features on BestAutoRenew is  the ability to automatically set renewal rules to renew items in the dates and frequency of your liking.

Other parameters that affect your item positioning are: descriptive titles, tags, clear photographs, pricing, customer feedback and listing quality. Listing quality is a measure that takes into consideration the clicks, favourites or purchases of each specific item. Shop location and diversity are also taken into account.


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