What is the best approach for item renewal?

This is a tricky question. In our system, we see some sellers that renew items every 5 minutes, with a monthly spending of hundreds of dollars just on renewals, while other sellers that take a less aggressive approach with renewal of just few items per day.

In general, the more items you have, and the higher your marginal profit is, the more renewals you should do. We see that established sellers with proven sale record feel more comfortable spending more money on marketing, and item renewal being one of their factors in this endeavor. Investing time and money in social marketing is another important aspect.

To see good results with items renewal, your entire shop should be optimized and representative, if you want to see your items selling. It if mandatory for you to follow Etsy’s guidelines for setting your item titles, description, images, about page and so on, if you want to see your item renewal yielding fruits.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the time of renewal. This usually depends on the type of products you sell and your market audience. If you sell baby products, you may want to renew your items during the morning hours when moms are at home, having more time on their hands as their babies are in day care or kindergartens. If you sell high-end jewelry, the evenings may be more suitable. Think who is your target customer and when s/he may be browsing the net in search for your product.

BestAutoRenew gives you the flexibility to renew sold items, oldest item, random items, expired items or specific items of your choice. To read more about all these options, see our help page on this subject.

Overall, getting higher item exposure generally lead to better sales. So the rule is to balance your expenditure budget with the level of potential gain. Experiment with your item renewal time and frequency, and in parallel, keep optimizing your item titles, description, tags and images.

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