How to promote your Etsy shop on Facebook

Members of BestAutoRenew can easily promote their Etsy items on their Facebook page. A quick way to do so is to use our Social Connect page.

Promote your etsy shop on facebook

Using this feature you can:

  • Post any one item on Facebook and add a text of your choice to promote the item.
  • Post a collage of any 4 of your items with a text of your choice

Posting one item at a time

Post your etsy item on facebook

Posting a collage of 4 items

Post a collage of etsy items on facebook

Being persistent and posting items on facebook regularly will help you build your online presence, improve your branding and increase sales. In order to help you stay persistent, we also provide you a reminder mechanism where you can receive email reminders to your inbox. You can set the reminder in 1,2,3, or 7 days intervals, so you stay on top of this social channel promotion.

Social post reminders

Good luck!

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