How frequently should I renew my items on Etsy?

As item recency is one of Etsy’s factors in providing search results, it is important to renew your items.
May sellers ask us how frequently they should renew their items.

The answer to this question depends on few factors:

a) Your sales record: usually Etsy takes this into consideration as sellers with good sales record tend to sell more than sellers that do not sell so well. So, the better your sales are, the higher you will appear in search results. In other words, sellers that don’t sell so well (or want to improve their sales), should renew their items as frequently as their marketing budget allows.

b) Your marginal profit: the higher your profit, the better off you are with making renewals, as the cost of exposure (i.e. renewals) is lower than the gains. Meaning, sellers with high marginal profit can make more frequent renewals, to gain more exposure and increase their sales.

c) A general rule of thumb for online and offline businesses, is to invest 10-15% of their profit on marketing efforts (renewal is one of them)

d) Your target audience: if your products are for adults, it is better to renew during evening hours – I would say ~7pm to midnight (EST). That’s the time of the day when people are back from work and have more time for online shopping. If your products are for toddlers, it is better to renew during the morning time when housewives are at home, and so on.

Understanding the best renewal frequency requires a little experimentation. Try to renew some days every 15 minutes, some days renew 5 items all at once every hour, and/or schedule a renewal rule for weekends to renew items from 8am – 11pm every hour. See how it affects your sales and go from there.

As a side note, some sellers renew even every 5 or 10 minutes throughout the day. But then again, if it works for them, it may not work for you. Try following my guidelines above and monitor your sales. Control your renewal budget and make sure you are not over-spending without the ability to recuperate the return from this investment.

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