How do I set up a sale event on Etsy?

Running a sale event with our Etsy-on-Sale feature, is a very simple and quick process.
In just few clicks, you can set what shop sections or items to place on sale, the start/end dates of the sale and the discount amount/percentage.

Sale events can increase your total income, especially during high holidays and long weekends. Moreover, you can add a call-to-action banner that shows the original price and the discount. Note that running a sale event does not increase your Etsy bill, so take advantage of this feature when appropriate.

Here is how you can easily set up and schedule a sale:

1. Click the ‘Create & Manage Sale Events’ from the navigation menu.

manage etsy sale event

2. Set up your sale event.

3. Click the ‘Schedule’ or the ‘Start Now’ button, and you are done!

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