How can I make a catalog for my Etsy products?

BestAutoRenew members can generate a PDF catalog with their shop items with just a click of a button. With our catalog builder you can choose the shop sections you wish to include, and/or limit the number of items in the catalog.
You can also define the text to show on the front cover, and include links to your Etsy shop, facebook page and more.

Your item images in the PDF document are linkable directly to their respective Etsy pages.

To generate your catalog:

  • Go to the ‘Create a New Catalog‘ page
  • View the pre-filled information and add or change your shop title, shop description, and phone number
  • Click on the ‘Preview Button’ to see the first 4 pages of the catalog
  • Use the top left and right arrows to scroll from page to page, and view the sample
  • You can go back to change the catalog setting, or continue to generate the entire catalog

The process of generating the catalog can take from few seconds to few minutes, depending on its size.
Once the catalog is ready, you can download it to your own machine, have it printed professionally or add it to your website and other social channels for people to view.

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