Create a New Sale

Creating a sale event for your Etsy shop is one of the ways you can promote your shop items. Creating a sale event for your Etsy items is a simple process that take a couple of minutes. To get started go to the ‘Create & Manage Sale Events‘ page.

There you can name your event, decide which shop sections (and/or items) to include in the sale, what discount to provide and when to run the sale. You can start the sale immediately or schedule it for a future date.

Our system will take care of the rest. It will discount the item according to your setting, will add call-to-action banner (if you opted for this feature) and will prefix your item title with keywords of your choice. When the sale ends, it will revert the item back to its original state.

This feature of setting sale events for your Etsy shop is included in your monthly fee, and you can use it as many times as you wish.

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