10 things you should do that will boost traffic to your renewed listing

Just renewed your Etsy listing or setup an auto-renewal? Here are 10 ways to give a boost to your renewed listing and get more views!

Renewing your Etsy listing gives a short boost to your product listing. But did you know that you can give it a better boost just by following a renewal with some simple activities?


But why should I put an extra effort on a listing when I’ve already renewed it and it’s getting me new views?” – is the first question that pops up in your mind.

Here’s why:

With changing Etsy algorithms, it’s becoming clear that while renewal is still a factor for ranking and SEO, engagement on the listing (along with relevance and context) is becoming an important ranking signal. This means, putting in a little effort behind a renewed product gives your listing that extra boost, an extra chance of staying on top of the ranking and get you more sales.


If you think about it, it’s super-easy to promote a listing on Etsy.

Here are 10 things that you should do to your listing so that it ranks better, shows up on people’s Etsy home feed and earns you a lot of views and sales:

  1. Schedule a few posts on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are all great places to promote the listing that you just renewed.

Which is why one of the first things you should do is to schedule a post, a tweet, a pin etc. And to top it off, you should re-schedule it for the next day (people get more traffic through reshares on social media). Also, scheduling with a tool (like the one we built: Around.io) makes it very easy to get this done.


  1. Send an email to subscribers

If you have an email list (if not, you should start building a list right away) you should send a quick email about the renewed listing.

You can add something valuable in the email to make it worthwhile for your subscriber to open the email (or you can share something interesting and relevant and add a note promoting your listing).

Because traffic from email lists are often very high and they convert into sales much better than regular traffic, this is an important thing you should try.


  1. Post a relevant write-up and promote the listing

Bloggers and writers, this one’s for you: you should time a blog-post or a write-up (for other publications that you might be writing for) right next to the listing renewal.

Why? Because you can push the renewed listing in the blogpost. Anyone reading your post will click-through to the renewed listing (views help sales).

The catch, however, is that you have to write something that’s worth reading.

Some ideas:

  • You could write a behind-the-scenes post about how you created the item
  • You could write about how to create the item (many DIY bloggers also have very successful Etsy shops)
  • You could write about the inspiration that led to you create the item
  • You could write about finding craft supplies that went on to become a part of your item
  • And so much more!


  1. Promote on Facebook groups

Lots of Facebook groups allow sellers to post their items there. Use this.

You’re probably part of a few Etsy seller groups already. Whenever a listing gets renewed, post that on a handful of groups.

The immediate traffic inflow (that is not from Etsy) is a signal that helps your listing rank better.


  1. Use Facebook ads and target it to a niche audience

Facebook ads do work for some Etsy sellers (and here’s an elaborate post on why it works for some). It all comes down to the audience you target with your ad.

Boosted posts get so much views and traffic that the ads pay for themselves many times over.

But there’s an added advantage here: with a boosted post, you not only get traffic and sales to your Etsy listing (that was just renewed) but the views and sales ensure that your listing gains in ranking on Etsy!

Sure, cracking Facebook ads can be tough but once you get it right (which comes after a lot of experimentation), you will have a workflow (listing renewal -> Facebook ad -> traffic + sales -> ranking boost -> repeat) that you can tap into anytime.


  1. Post on Pinterest Group boards

In #1, you pinned your item to your Pinterest boards. But the real traffic source on Pinterest lies in group boards. Group boards are where you can pin along with several others but what makes group boards such a fantastic marketing channel is the amount of followers they have.

If you’re part of group boards on Pinterest, pin your renewed listing there.

If not, find out group boards using tools like Pingroupie and join them. Then, pin your renewed listings there.


  1. Post on Etsy Seller teams related to your product’s category

There are tons of Etsy seller teams. Not all of them let you promote your product but there are indeed hundreds of these where you can post your product.

Pick the ones that let you do that and as soon as your item is renewed, just give it a small boost by promoting it on these teams.


  1. Post in other craft communities

If you are active on forums and discussion boards related to your craft / product, you should use this medium to share your product with others.

This can be a little hard to do because not every community / forum allows promotions or marketing. But there are some very niche communities where sellers are encouraged to share their wares.

If you’re part of these forums, then definitely share your product listing.


  1. A super-sly signature tweak

Do you send emails every day? Or do you comment on blogs? If yes, here’s another avenue to promote that renewed listing of yours.

All you do is add a signature to every email you send – or every blog comment – and in that signature, add a link to your renewed listing.

This is very sly tactic (almost a marketing hack) but a useful one if you write a lot of emails or comment on blogs often.


  1. Post a quick video on Facebook and YouTube

You can just quickly make a video out of your item – a brief 30-second to 1 minute video – and talk about why someone should buy it. And then post it on Facebook or YouTube.

You don’t have to go all professional on this one. See Vines or Instagram videos? That is good enough.

The reason I’m suggesting this is because videos get much more traffic and click-throughs than text/photo posts on Facebook. And if you can give really good descriptions and titles for your YouTube videos, you’ll get free traffic through search (both on YouTube and Google).


Your turn to try them now

So those were some of the ways you can promote your listing once it gets renewed.

If you think 10 is a big number, you can start with fewer things on the list.

But make sure you get out there, promote a bit and give your renewed listing the push it needs to rank better and get you more sales eventually!